Dragon ball super: 10 things you didn"t know about vegeta"s super saiyan god form


The introduction lớn a brand new category of forms và abilities enthralled fans as the vintage series rồng Ball Z made a comeback with its sequel way back in 2013. Starting with the movie “Battle of Gods”, we’ve seen a lot of Gods or God-like characters in the series.

With the tradition of long Ball, a new mix of forms were introduced for the Saiyans lượt thích Goku và Vegeta as the Gods or God-like beings started to become significant in Super. Just like the Super Saiyan transformations, Super Saiyan God & its other succession forms are exclusive to lớn the Saiyan Race và no other species can acquire these forms.

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The Super Saiyan God form:


Super Saiyan God is basically a Saiyan’s base khung combined with God Ki. It’s a khung much stronger than Super Saiyan 3 & its preceding forms. According lớn the Namekian Book of Legends, the Super Saiyan God is a Saiyan Deity who is temporarily created by gathering 6 purely righteous Saiyans. If five pure-hearted Saiyans hold hands together and pour their hearts/energy into the 6th Saiyan lớn summon the Saiyan God; that Saiyan will become a Super Saiyan God.

In dragon Ball Super, Goku was the first khổng lồ achieve this transformation with Gohan, Videl (along with the quarter Saiyan Pan in her womb), Trunks, Vegeta (Doubt he was purely righteous. More like pure un-adulterated ego. Yes, this is a TFS reference) and Goten infusing their nguồn onto Goku.

Vegeta achieved this size after his training with Whis. But, he didn’t require the ritual to acquire the red haired form. Although Shenron says it is temporarily created, they have learned lớn adapt & ingrain the feel of Super Saiyan God & transform at will with no specific time limit.

The Super Saiyan God Ritual

However, Goku wasn’t the first lớn unlock this form in the series’s history. The details on who was the first Super Saiyan God are described in another article.

Concept and Appearance

The concept of the Super Saiyan God was suggested by the movie’s scriptwriter and the form’s appearance is explained by Toriyama in an interview:

I was resistant to lớn Goku getting more & more macho, or having a flashy transformation, so I wanted to lớn make a course-correction. Except, visually-speaking, a Goku who doesn’t have any change at all would be difficult khổng lồ understand, soI changed just his hair color and his eyes.

Akira Toriyama, Jump Comics, 4th October 2013

According to an interview with theBattle of Godscharacter designer,Tadayoshi Yamamuro, the original concept for Super Saiyan God had the size being more muscular và wearing a cape. The hairstyle looked like an intervention between Super Saiyan 3 and Super Saiyan 4. However, Toriyama came with a completely different look as he was insistent on the khung not being too different from Goku’s regular appearance, specifically not being really muscular.

In this form, Goku possesses magenta-red hair (identical khổng lồ his fur as a Super Saiyan 4) while Vegeta possesses crimson red hair. The overall body toàn thân structure appears to become younger & thinner in frame và build. The aura of the Super Saiyan God resembles a raging fire.

Some fans were a bit disappointed with the look of the God khung as it looked just lượt thích Goku in his base size but with red hair dye. They couldn’t but conclude that the non-canon Super Saiyan 4 looked a lot better.

Toriyama, when asked whether Goku will transform into Super Saiyan God in the future, said there’s no need for him to bởi so. His reason was that Goku has already absorbed Super Saiyan God’s power & made it his own. This directly contradicts what Goku và Vegeta later on as they do transform into the red haired size whenever there was a need to vì chưng so.

Traits & Power


Since this is the first khung in which a Saiyan develops God ki, It allows the user to lớn sense other beings who have God ki as well. This isn’t possible with the preceding forms. Goku is shown to:

Absorb & nullify attacks of Beerus Heal himself after a blow to the chest Paralyze Broly in the long Ball Super Broly movie.

These feats aren’t replicated later by him in the series.

The power of this khung is great enough khổng lồ allowGoku khổng lồ compete against the non-fully-powered Beerus who effortlessly defeated Super Saiyan 3 Goku. The sheer nguồn of Goku và Beerus’ fists colliding sent ripples throughout the universe. Old Kai commented that if they continue khổng lồ collide more and more, they could wipe out everything in the universe without proper control. Since the body toàn thân has thinner build, it is a lot faster than the regular Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Director Nagamine mentions the God form relies on predicting and dodging the opponent’s movements. It also relies on godly techniques rather than power. This is different from Super Saiyan blue which relies on bulldozing the opponent with brute force.

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It requires some time for the user lớn fully tap into its power and it drains the user’s energy reserves fairly quickly. If the user does not undergo training lượt thích what Vegeta did, the form can be only achieved through the ritual. This will be hard for Saiyans in general, as the number of living Saiyans is very few. So, gathering up 6 Saiyans is a rarity.


Both Goku and Vegeta seemed khổng lồ have learned to lớn transform into this size at will, without the need for the ritual, with its full capacities and no known time limit.

This form proved very useful to Goku và Vegeta as they switched between SSJ God và SSJ xanh in an instant. This utilized Super Saiyan Blue’s power lớn its full potential. During the Tournament of Destroyers, Goku was able to vị this only once against Hit. But, Vegeta was able khổng lồ pull this off numerous times in the fight against Goku Black.


If not accustomed khổng lồ the form, its power nguồn will quickly vanish as it appeared. This happened to lớn the first Super Saiyan God, whose powers vanished after he defeated the evil Saiyans. His body couldn’t handle the power & that is why he vanished, along with his power.

Super Saiyan Blue


Imagine a Super Saiyan God who further transforms into a Super Saiyan. That, in short, is Super Saiyan Blue. Originally, it was called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, but Whis shorted it khổng lồ Super Saiyan xanh to avoid a tongue twister.

Both in the Manga và the Anime, we see Goku transforming into this khung for the first time against Frieza. However, it is not certain whether it was Goku or Vegeta who chronologically achieved this khung first. The first glimpse of its power nguồn was first shown while Goku và Vegeta’s punches collided. This happened as they trained in a void like world, similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where they were teleported by Whis.

Concept & Appearance

In an interview, Toyotarō asks why the khung has blue hair lớn Toriyama:

InBattle of Godsit was red, so I figured forRevival of “F”I should go with blue. That’s all(laughs). Well, actually I was thinking about having it be white, but then it would color-clash with the “next enemy”… so I figured I should save it for another occasion(laughs).

Akira Toriyama, V-Jump, April 2016

This form is slightly bulkier than Super Saiyan God & is nearly identical khổng lồ the first Super Saiyan form. The only main differences being that the hair and the eyes are cyan-ish in color. The user is covered with an electric glittering blue aura which has a darker shade at the edges, contrasting to the orange aura of its preceding form. In both the forms, there is a tinge of yellow aura mixed, indicating that the remnants of the original Super Saiyan size is still there.

Traits và Power


It is the successor of both Super Saiyan God và Super Saiyan. Being a hybrid of both these transformations, the user’s physical strength and speed are tremendously upgraded. It also sharpens the user’s senses & reflexes, fine-tuned to lớn match even the best of warriors in the Tournament of Power.

In the anime, its power nguồn is heavily underrated as characters like Android 17 went toe to toe with Super Saiyan blue Goku. In the Manga however, that is not the case as nguồn levels are more accurately described.


It takes a lot of energy from the user than the God form, meaning it can be used only a few times in a day. The reason it takes a lot of energy because, the power keeps leaking out of the user’s body. Which is why more the amount of time the user stays in the form, the weaker the user becomes.


This weakness can be bypassed by learning khổng lồ perfectly switch back and forth between Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan xanh in an instant. This enables the user lớn use the best of both of these forms without his stamina dropping at all, if trained sufficiently.

Another way to bypass the weakness is lớn keep the nguồn from leaking out & containing within his body to use the khung at 100% capacity.


By containing the energy within the user’s body, it takes a huge toll on the body. This is kind of similar to lớn Kaioken. The power nguồn multiplier increases the user’s traits ‘x’ number of times, but it damages the toàn thân so much so it could very well destroy the user’s body. The same thing applies khổng lồ Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. If the body toàn thân is in a bad shape, it makes it even more difficult khổng lồ contain the power of xanh within the body.

In chapter 40 (During the Tournament of Power), Vegeta seems to have achieved another variation of Super Saiyan xanh called Super Saiyan xanh Evolved. He achieved this transformation when he angered by the fact that Goku broke his limits once again when he used the Ultra Instinct technique. More information about Perfected Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan xanh Evolved is given in another article.