Calls tale of the nine tailed's lee dong wook 'actual fox'


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Love is in the air as K-dramaland welcomed the year with a slew of marriage & dating announcements- from Park Shin Hye & Choi Tae Joon to the nguồn couple Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin.

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Interestingly, there are others who believe that life begins at 40. Take it from these 4 Korean actors who are hot và surprisingly single in their 40s.

Gong Yoo (42)


Aging like a fine wine, Gong Yoo still has the charisma that could beat a newbie heartthrob.

The A-lister first mesmerized fans with his rom-com "Coffee Prince" in 2007, playing the hotshot businessman Choi Han Gyul. Now, he is portraying father roles lượt thích in his blockbuster movie "Train to lớn Busan" & his K-drama comeback "Silent Sea."

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As for Gong Yoo"s relationship status, he is likely lớn be single now, but he was once rumored to lớn be secretly married to im Soo Jung back in 2016.

At the time, the actor"s agency denied the rumors & even planned lớn take legal actions against netizens & community sites spreading false rumors.

Lee Dong Wook (40)


(Photo : Lee Dong Wook"s Instagram)

Another Korean actor who is single and ready khổng lồ mingle is none other than Lee Dong Wook.

Best known for his role as budding entrepreneur Seol Gong Chan in the 2005 thắm thiết comedy "My Girl," he solidified his name in K-dramaland & became a sought-after leading man alongside his good friend Gong Yoo.

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Twenty-three years after his debut, Lee Dong Wook is still making everyone"s heart flutter with his charm & killer smile seen in his latest K-drama "Bad & Crazy."

Interestingly, fans would get khổng lồ see this heartthrob back on the small screen with "Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2" together with Kim Bum và their new female lead Kim So Yeon.

Jo In Sung (40)


(Photo : IOK Company Official Instagram)

Joining the menu of hottest bachelors in K-drama is Jo In Sung.

The award-winning actor"s claim khổng lồ fame is "What Happened in Bali," followed by another hit series, "That Winter, The Wind Blows."

Of course, who would forget how stunning he is in "It"s Okay, That"s Love" with Gong Hyo Jin? Due khổng lồ their undeniable on-screen chemistry, the duo was caught up in a dating rumor but denied that they were in a relationship.

When it comes lớn relationships, he was very mở cửa to discussing it. In fact, in one episode of MBC"s "Radio Star"he got honest và revealed how his mother would nag about him being single.

Moreover, he also blamed his fame as one of the disadvantages in dating. He thinks that "women can feel burdened" by his popularity. He added that his girlfriend "could face a lot of struggles because I"m Jo In Sung."

Kim nam Gil (41)


(Photo : Gil Story Entertainment)

The 41-year-old star recently returned khổng lồ the small screen with the SBS series "Through the Darkness." But before the thriller-mystery K-drama was aired, Kim phái nam Gil starred in the mega-hit The Fiery Priest. He played the Catholic priest Kim Hae Il.

With his long menu of projects and accolades of achievements, Kim phái nam Gil is also among K-drama"s sought after bachelors. He was once linked khổng lồ Jang na Ra, but both denied the issue.

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