Iphone xs max screen replacement and reassembly


We have a gasket screen iPhone XS Max! Of course we recommend a piece that is of the same chất lượng as the original, anyway! So you can replace your iPhone XS Max screen and use the seal khổng lồ paste your new screen that will be protected by external threats.

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One year guaranteeAll of our spare parts have sầu a one year guaranteeAll of our spare parts have sầu a lifetime guarantee

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Screen seal compatible iPhone XS Max

Need an iPhone XS Max screen gasket khổng lồ be certain.e of being able to protect your iPhone XS Max, because you are afraid that it is more waterproof after repair. Admittedly, your phone will still be waterproof after opening, but this iPhone XS Max screen seal will limit damage! This seal will be able khổng lồ protect your smartphone from dust & liquids that could damage your phone.

Of course, you have the option to repair your iPhone XS Max alone, without the help of anyone. This will allow you lớn improve sầu yourself in DIY at first, certainly, but it will save sầu you money since it will cost less than going lớn a professional. Why not bởi a DIY buổi tiệc ngọt at trang chủ with friends, it would change your usual events! And, of course at kasynoonlinemy.com we have sầu found for you a seal screen iPhone XS Max unique similar lớn the original part.

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iPhone XS Max


Our kasynoonlinemy.com technicians in France carefully select and verify all iPhone XS Max parts! We can confirm their perfect working condition and assure you of their quality! This piece will meet all your requirements.

Tools and assembly:

Repairing your iPhone XS Max requires specific tools that you will find in the khung of practical tool kits available on our online store.

* iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Data sheet
Type of productShield seal
CompatibilityiPhone XS Max / A2101 / A1921/ A2104 / A2102
Guarantee1 year
ConditioningCardboard box
This spare part will be refurbishedShield seal HS