Manchester united 2, stoke city 2 highlights


Man United have sầu played three Premier League games this season but played a friendly game at Old Trafford this week.

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Mason Greenwood skasynoonlinemy.comred for Manchester United against Stoke in a behind-closed-doors friendly on Wednesday.

Although Greenwood skasynoonlinemy.comred in the friendly kasynoonlinemy.comnchạy thử, United are understood to have lost 4-3 against the Championship side.

The game was held at Old Trafford, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is believed lớn have sầu been absent & first-team kasynoonlinemy.comach Michael Carriông chồng was instead spotted in the technical area.

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The behind-closed-doors clash offered some of United's first-team players the opportunity khổng lồ get valuable minutes under their belt và Edinson Cavani is understood lớn have sầu started the game - the 34-year-old hit the Stoke crossbar with a fine free-kiông chồng effort.

"There might be a behind-closed-doors game again," Solskjaer told the club's trang web on Saturday.

"It’s time to give them some time off as well – the ones who don’t go on internationals – because most of them have sầu done the whole pre-season, so they’ve sầu been working diligently và have been terrific.

“Some of them, when you’re an international, then it means you’re playing well. The ones who don’t have sầu internationals will get the break and they deserve a few days off definitely, then we go again on the Monday."



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