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Today’s review..

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:leaves: CLAIM to lớn FAME :leaves:

Clear, circular patches for troublesome acne spots

:leaves: FAST FACTS :leaves:

Relieves inflammation with anti-bacterial properties from tea tree; helps reduce irritation as it treats acne; transparent kiến thiết leaves a discreet look

:leaves: PERFECT FOR :leaves:

Pimple-prone skin

:leaves: INGREDIENTS :leaves:



Notable Ingredients:

:seedling: Tea Tree: as its main ingredient with an anti-inflammatory effect that’s good for your pimples:

:seedling: Salicylic Acid: Exfoliant and Whitening effect.

:seedling: Sodium Hyaluronate: Hydrates skin.

:seedling: some oils & plant extracts with its antioxidant effect

:leaves: HOW to USE :leaves:

After cleansing, peel off patch from film & attach onto desired area. Allow it lớn stay on for 8 lớn 12 hours.

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:moneybag: PHP 25.00

:droplet: 12 patches in 2 sizes each pack

:leaves: EXPERIENCE :leaves:

My friend introduced this product to me because it was very cheap vs the COSRX ones that I have right now.

When I actually first have this pack, it literally bears no weight at all. I thought Skinfood was actually trying to lớn prank me lượt thích ‘you all have thought this one contains patches but in reality, there’s nothing inside’. Lightweight and very very thin patches! Awesome!


So as you can see, there’s only 4 patches left in this pack. This contains 2 sizes. Larger one & a medium one sizes.


What encouraged me to actually buy this was its key ingredient- Tea Tree Leaf oil, which is a really good anti-inflammatory that’s been around for pimples. Anyway, pimples are one of our greatest enemy when it comes to skin. Right? Right. Well, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to buy this for having a good ingredients and some people reviewed & rated this and they really liked this one. But NOT for me. I perfectly understand that this hàng hóa does not do any good for me. I’ve been using it for a couple of times & nothing happened. It doesn’t reduce any redness or what benefits it tries khổng lồ convey. In short, nothing. It was nice that it is almost transparent & it cannot be notice once attached unless you really tried to. Ya pretty invisible. I don’t know why would they reaally compared this one lớn COSRX patches. I’m a big fan of COSRX btw. (I’m not biased or anything. I’m a skinfood user too) & I think it’s pretty obvious because almost half of my skincare is from there. Và they have been reviewing this Skin food patches và in my opinion, it doesn’t bởi vì its job. These only are Ordinary patches and no gunks or grimy that adheres in these patches but others reviewed it that it works like how a cosrx one works. My friend said also the same thing, it doesn’t work. The price is cheap ya but it doesn’t work và I bought 4 packs of it. So, that’s all Kbeauties.

Bottomline: I don’t like this product. Và of course, I’m not recommending it to anyone.