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Capacity: 120 GBRead speed (sequential): 520 MB/sWrite speed (sequential): 460 MB/sForm factor: 2.5"Interface: SATA
We offer khổng lồ buy the Silicon Power SSD disc with 120 GB data capacity and SATAIII port. The additional advantages that can be provided by the SSD công nghệ are based on the unique design of this disc. SSD discs save the data in memory chips distinguished by totally silent operation, low temperature and electricity consumption. All these features permit to feel the essential difference from the currently obsolete technology of hard discs.
The HDD capacity in Gigabytes indicates how much information can be stored by the HDD. The capacity of the HDD is fixed và cannot be increased after buying the HDD. Therefore, upon buying the HDD you should verify its compliance with your current volume requirements & provides a reserve for future needs.

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Sequential read speed or the mean data reading speed is the most important criterion of the high-speed operation of the SSD. The data from the SSD will be read much more often than written to lớn it because the operating system stores the processed data in the RAM in most cases.If you want the reading tốc độ of the purchased SSD to lớn exceed the tốc độ of the classic HDD considerably you should choose the SSD with the reading speed of 200 MB/s or above. The additional increase in the performance will be achieved on the account of the data search (SeekTime) which is of much higher level with SSDs than any HDD.
The writing speed is almost as important as the reading speed. Also this parameter determines the performance of the SSD, however, as the writing lớn the disc happens not as often as the data reading and average user will find it subjectively difficult to distinguish between any speed above 100 MB/s and higher indices, except the cases when the SSD is used in a server, for audio/video recording, etc.
Thanks khổng lồ the small kích thước provided by the SSD công nghệ the standard kích thước of the discs is 2.5", and it is suitable for an average portable computer. It is possible khổng lồ install the 2.5" disc in the desktop computer if the transition 2.5" -> 3.5" is used, and this transition can be bought at a low cost at section"/cenas/104.php">Adapteri". The discs with the format 2.5" + 3.5" have this transition included.1.8" discs are intended for the ultra-compact class portable computers.PCI-Express SSDs are intended for desktop computers with a không tính tiền PCI-Express plug available. This technology in most cases is used for ensuring the performance that exceeds the possibilities of other types of connections.
SSDs with SATAII và SATAIII connection are compatible with the connections of both types in the motherboard. Still, it has to lớn be taken into tài khoản that the motherboard SATAII connection can provide maximum about 300 MB/s transmission capacity which can reduce the actual transmission capacity of the SSDs whose reading and/or writing speed exceeds this màn chơi to the capacity limits of the SATAII.The situation is similar with the PCI-Express và SATAIII connection slots. Although the SATAIII standard can provide up to lớn 600 MB/s data transmission capacity there are SSDs with the speed exceeding this limit, in this case the manufacturer chooses the PCI-Express connection slot with a higher transmission capacity. The PCI-Express discs cannot be connected to lớn the portable computer.