Xiaomi vr glasses: full specifications, reviews, photo


I recently wrote a post about a VR arcade in china and today’s article is also on virtual reality, but this time it is something that you can actually buy at a really affordable price. The device I am talking about is no other than Xiaomi’s mày VR Play 2.

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Xiaomi makes two types of VR headsets, with the costlier ¥299 one featuring more advanced features, but only support a couple of ngươi smartphones. The one we will be taking a look at today only cost ¥99 in china and works with any 4.7″-5.7″ devices.

Unboxing – Simple và Clean

Opening the box requires just removing the plastic wrapping outside and pulling the flaps. Inside, you will find two things: a small box containing the strap and the VR headset. In the phone slot sits a piece of cardboard, with QR code for the ngươi VR app.




Scan the QR code và you will be redirected to lớn Xiaomi’s VR website, where you can download and install the app on your phone. This phầm mềm contains some VR videos, but it acts mainly as an ứng dụng store for VR apps & games.

Design & Build unique – Light & Well Constructed

The material of the mi VR Play 2 looks a lot like Google Daydream headset & I love it. It is really light yet feels hard & durable. There is soft padding around the area that sits on your face, so wearing it is actually pretty comfortable.

Unlike the Google Daydream, the phone slot on this isn’t rotatable; you are bending the plastic every time you slot the phone in. We shall see how well this holds up in a few months. There are rubber pieces in the slot to lớn protect your phone.

On the đứng đầu of the headset is a single button for interacting with the screen, used in some apps as the select button. The strap is attached via velcro and it is very light & stretchy, so it fits pretty tightly yet stays comfortable.

Experience – Basic But Fun

The level of immersion you get will depend on your smartphone’s display, but this will never be comparable to proper high-end VR headsets, lượt thích the one I saw at the VR arcade in China. The problem? điện thoại cảm ứng displays.

With a smartphone, you only have a fixed amount of display space, restricting your field of view. Also, the resolution & refresh rates of most smartphone displays are not good enough for VR, so what you are seeing is pixelated & blurry.

Without a proper controller, your interaction with the UI is also very limited. On the ngươi VR Play 2, everything is controlled via the gyroscope on your phone & the button on the top. But that is enough to play some simple games.

A complain I have with the mi VR Play 2 is that the headset does not block light from the sides very well. This greatly reduces the màn chơi of immersion and also results in lens reflections.

Apps và Games – Takes Time to search for the Good Stuff

As mentioned earlier, the mày VR app also acts as a VR app market place. Most of the nội dung are of high quality, but if you want to tìm kiếm for something that will make you go “wow”, that will take some searching. Lưu ý that these apps are all in Chinese.

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Of course, you vì not need those apps to experience VR on the ngươi VR Play 2. Any VR ứng dụng on the Play Store should work. Here are some apps I recommend. The first two are from ngươi VR app và the last one is from Play Store.

#1 – Youku VR

If you are a fan of Chinese dramas, you would have heard of video clip streaming service 优酷. They have a VR app too and it allows you lớn watch some (very few) of the popular TV dramas on Youku, as well as some VR exclusive content.

Youku VR app’s contents can be split into two categories: 360° và regular videos. The 360° videos are videos where you can see everything around you, kind of lượt thích watching a movie in Omni-Theatre but better. The library for such nội dung isn’t very big though.

For regular videos, you are seated in a dark room with a large screen at the front, simulating a cinema. Some movies are also available in 3D, but the effect isn’t as good as watching a 3 chiều movie in cinemas. Not perfect, but really fun.

#2 – 雪山之鹰

In this game, you fly as an eagle & your objective is to lớn complete certain tasks, while avoiding obstacles. There are three modes to lớn this game: collect, race and adventure.

Collect mode requires you to gather feathers within a limited time. Race và adventure mode both require you khổng lồ fly through hoops, but they are slightly different.

In race mode, you compete with other eagles in a race course. Meanwhile, you race against time in adventure mode, flying to lớn the next hoop before the countdown reaches zero.

雪山之鹰 is a very basic game, but it makes use of the properties of basic VR headsets really well, providing an experience that is chất lượng to VR. Highly recommend!

#3 – Insidious VR <360° video}

Based on the horror film Insidious Chapter 3, this short VR experience is a must try if you have a VR headset. It is only about 3 minutes, but the scenes are really well designed khổng lồ instill the element of fear. Not for the faint of heart.

Conclusion – Worth Your Money?

The mi VR Play 2 is simple but light & very well designed. This is no Gear VR or Daydream competitor. Instead, it is an alternative to lớn cardboard VR & cheap VR headsets you often find at pasar malam, which are often feel cheap and crappy.

If you are buying it only khổng lồ experience VR for a few minutes before throwing it aside, the ngươi VR Play 2 is not the VR headset you should get. A low-end VR headset that costs half the price can also play the same type of apps & games.

But the ngươi VR Play 2 provides comfort and unique absent on cheaper VR headsets. If you are serious about VR, this is a great, affordable way lớn dip your toes into VR, before moving off khổng lồ high-end VR headsets like the Oculus Rift và HTC Vive.