I can see your voice mùa 2


I can see another season of “I Can See Your Voice.” Fox’s mystery singing competition, hosted by network lucky charm Ken Jeong, has been renewed for a second season.

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Fox Entertainment’s Rob Wade, president of alternative sầu entertainment và specials, made the announcement on Kensday morning.You watching: I can see your voice mùa 2

“’I Can See Your Voice’ is such a deeply fun & genuinely suspenseful show, with the amazing Ken Jeong at the heart of it,” Wade said. “We are so grateful to lớn our producers, James McKinlay và Craig Plestis, along with the entire crew, who brought this show to life và are working lớn make Season Two even bigger & better.”

Jeong, of course, will be baông xã as host và executive producer, while Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Bailon-Houghton return as permanent panelists.

Paired with megahit “The Masked Singer,” “I Can See Your Voice” has been a strong performer for Fox, averaging a 1.3 rating and 7 nội dung with adults 18-49 in Live sầu + 7 Day ratings in Season 1. The series also averages 6 million multiplatkhung viewers, up 52% vs. Live sầu + Same Day ratings, and it’s tied as the No. 1 new entertainment program of the 2020-21 TV season with adults 18-34 and teens.See more: Bất Ngờ Với 7 Lý Do Gây Mất Trí Nhớ Tạm Thời Sau Tai Nạn

“I Can See Your Voice” features a group of singers — some of whom are good and some of whom are terrible. It’s up to lớn a contestant, with the help of Himes, Bailon-Houghton and a rotating panel of comedians, musical superstars and pop culture experts, to lớn guess who’s a good singer and who is not.

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The catch: the contestant must weed out bad singers based on a lip synch challenge, interrogation and a series of clues. The contestant ultimately narrows it down khổng lồ one performer, who then duets with the musical superstar — và either they’re on point, or it’s a trainwreông chồng. The contestant is playing for $100,000 if they get it right.See more: ' Chú Lính Chì Thiện tại Nhân Bị Bỏ Rơi, Bé Thiện Nhân

Season 1 celebrity guests included Joel McHale, Niecy Nash, Riông xã Springfield, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke & Katharine McPhee. Episodes are currently streaming on Tubi, Fox Now, Hulu và on dem&.

Fox Alternative Entertainment produces “I Can See Your Voice,” which comes from executive sầu producers James McKinlay, Craig Plestis & Jeong. McKinlay also serves as showrunner. The series is based on a South Korean format from CJ ENM. Jeong, of course, is also a panedanh sách on “The Masked Singer,” “The Masked Dancer,” “9-1-1: Masked Edition” and “Fox Masked NFL Sunday.”