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All your favorite Sofia the First games in one place! Join the adventures from the Castle of Enchancia together with Sofia, Princess Amber, and Prince James!


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While the Adobe Flash Player Plugin is no longer supported, you can still access the Flash nội dung on Just download and install our custom Browser App. Then, you"ll be able to play all your favorite Sofia the First Games using the app. That"s it!

Introducing Princess Sofia the First

Besides all the fun provided by Sofia the First Games, you also get lớn know a lot of exciting things about our Princess Sofia! For instance, you will find out that Sofia is a simple girl from the village. She lives an ordinary life along with her mother in the beautiful Kingdom of Enchancia. But her life changes when her mother marries King Roland the Second. Sofia becomes a princess overnight, and now she has to learn what it is lượt thích to be a princess.

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During the TV series of Sofia the First that first appeared on air in January 2013, Sofia learns that looking lượt thích a princess is an easy task. Her primary challenge is to behave lượt thích a princess – & that, Sofia understands, comes from her heart & her inner self. You don't get born a princess, you become one!

Kindness & generosity above all!

Those of you who have already watched the TV series originally showcased on Disney Channel may know what qualities Sofia displays. She is a humble, sweet-looking, seven-year-old girl who shows kindness, generosity, courage, loyalty, and grace through the series. Moreover, Sofia can perform magic! Although she is hesitant when using powerful magic, due khổng lồ her mysterious past, she can turn her charm for the power nguồn of good.Also, Sofia has a marvelous ability khổng lồ talk to enemies. This ability is ensured by her amulet – Amulet of Avalor.

To emphasize the idea that what makes a real princess is on the inside và to stimulate both children and adults khổng lồ be a little bit more gentle in day-to-day life, the Amulet of Avalor is able to punish Sofia when she performs an unwelcome deed, và to bless her when has done something right. However, her kindness makes her confront enemies. One of them is Cedric – a dark sorcerer who covets Sofia's amulet. In contrast, one of her anonymous characters is Amber – her stepsister.

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Play Sofia the First Games

The series developed quickly with both official & non-official flash games that are designed for you to continue Sofia's adventures. As the Sofia games industry progresses, we keep track of the new releases, so that you will be the first to lớn play these exciting games.

Our website brings the world of Sofia và the surroundings of Enchancia to lớn your fingertips. All you have to bởi vì is khổng lồ click and to choose your adventure. You will enjoy different types of games so that to resemble the day-to-day princess's life. You will have lớn dress Sofia for various occasions, khổng lồ ride the carriage along the young princess, to travel the world of Enchancia và even to play ping-pong!

Follow the adventures of the little princess and learn to lớn be more kind, more honest, và what is more important, to lớn be human.

There are currently 40 không tính phí online Sofia the First games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android và iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30. The most popular trò chơi is Disney Junior Puzzles, which has been played 29995 times so far, & the most rated one is A Day at Royal Prep, with 1328 votes received. These Sofia the First games received an aggregate rating of 81 / 100 from a total of 15348 votes.