Colourpop give it to me straight eyeshadow palette


ColourPop Give It to Me Straight is a permanent eye palette that retails for $18.00 and contains 0.36 oz.

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Highly pigmented shadow that applies evenly & feels ultra-velvety và silky. This long wearing formula contains a quality combination of softer powders which adheres easily lớn the eyes, gives a soft focus effect, và blends smoothly và evenly.

The Good: Easy To Apply (2), Great Value (2), Creamy (1), Easy-to-Use (1), Versatile (1)

The In-Between: Buildable (1), Highly Pigmented (1)

By KB 2 years ago.

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At first, I was skeptical about Colourpop Cosmetics. It"s relatively cheap và I had been hearing mixed opinions on the brand. I had previously tried the No Filter Concealer, and was pretty impressed so I decided to start pretty neutral và basic. So far, I"m very happy about my purchase. The shadows are super buildable & the shimmers are creamy and pigmented. The color story, even though it"s very neutral, is diverse. There"s a beautiful range of cool, warm, and berry tones in the palette.

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