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Update: Puma now released the new 2021-22 home kits for Olympique Marseille, Milan & Borussia Mönchengladbach. Based on the new Puma 2021 kit template, they both resemble Nike"s 2022 football kit template. Thanks to
phildelves for the heads-up.

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Nike Manchester United 2002-04 home Kit vs Puma Milan 21-22 trang chủ Kit

AC Milan 21-22 Home và Goalkeeper Kits Released

Nike 1860 Munich 2002-04 home Kit vs Marseille 21-22 home Kit

Olympique Marseille 21-22 home Kit Released25 April 2021: Leaked Puma Manchester city 21-22 Kit Similar khổng lồ 02-04 Nike United KitThe new Puma Manchester thành phố 2021-22 home kit got leaked this week. While it draws inspiration from Agüero"s last-minute goal in 2012, it has indeed a look that reminds us of an old Nike Manchester United kit.Manchester city 21-22 home Kit Leaked

Puma 21-22 Kit Template Similar khổng lồ Nike 2002 World Cup Kit Template

The new Puma Manchester đô thị 21-22 trang chủ kit has side panels that are remarkably similar to the side panels of Manchester United"s 2002-04 kit
.More Puma 21-22 trang chủ kits have the same templateCloser Look | Nike 2002 World Cup Kit TemplateIn fact, the Manchester United 2002-04 trang chủ jersey is based on the widely used Nike T90 2002 template - all the Nike kits 20 years ago had those side panels.Other Puma 21-22 trang chủ kits seem to lớn have the same template with the side panels - the leaked AC Milan 21-22 trang chủ kit has them as well.

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Other elements lượt thích the Puma Manchester thành phố 2021-2022 home kit are inspired by the classy Umbro 2011-12 home shirt
.Puma will release the new 2021-22 club trang chủ kit in May 2021.
What bởi vì you think of Puma"s new template for the 2021-22 season? vì chưng you think it is inspired by Nike"s 2002 World Cup design? comment below.