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Calcium plays an important role in the formation & development of children"s bones & teeth. In addition, calcium also plays a role in nerve conduction, enhances immunity, combined with vi-ta-min D khổng lồ help limit rickets & malnutrition in children.
As recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), calcium needs are different at different ages: Children under 6 months old: 300mg/day From 7-12 months old: 400mg/day From 1-3 Age: 500mg/day From 4-6 years old: 600mg/day From 7 khổng lồ 9 years old: 700mg/day From 10 years old: 1000mg/day From 11-24 years old: 1200mg/day
Vitamin D mang lại trẻ uống thuốc

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Girls enter puberty starting at 13-14 years old, ending at 17-18 years old. In boys, puberty begins at age 15-16 và ends at age 19-20. Physiological characteristics of children at puberty: The body grows & matures quickly. It is a period of strong sex hormones. Children have many physiological & psychological changes, easy lớn change their mood...
This is a factor that is considered the vi xử lý core problem in calcium supplementation. When calcium is added to the body without going to lớn the final destination of the bone & teeth system, it will cause an increase in calcium levels in the blood or sediment due to lớn not being fully absorbed, thereby forming calcifications in the walls of blood vessels or stones. The kidneys are not able lớn excrete excess calcium from the body. Parents should choose easily absorbed calcium lượt thích natural calcium khổng lồ supplement their baby. In addition, it is necessary lớn increase calcium-rich foods such as: dark green vegetables (broccoli, bok choy,...), fresh fruits (oranges, tangerines...), legumes, seeds, eggs, milk, seaweed,...
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During puberty, young bones continuously mature. In precocious puberty, the period of rapid growth begins early & ends earlier than normal. At first, children will grow up compared lớn their peers but after a few years they will stop growing in height và often cannot reach their full adult height. The early puberty screening package being implemented at International General Hospital is the right choice of parents to have accurate conclusions about the health status & development of their children. Your baby will be examined with a leading specialist in Pediatric Endocrinology, will have sex hormone blood tests, bone age assessment tests, brain MRI scans or some more specialized tests to determine the right diagnosis. Causes of precocious puberty and timely intervention. For more information about treatment of precocious puberty in children at International Hospital, please register to contact HERE